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Friday, June 30, 2006

The Bosendorfer is my favorite piano.

Well, piano season is over for the summer and I have decided to think and dream about a piano I would love to own someday...a Bosendorfer.

Bosendorfer pianos are made by hand in Austria. They are wonderful to play (I have performed on one in particular at Bowling Green State University in Ohio) and beautiful to look at. The tone is warmer than any other piano I have ever played and the action is just about perfect. There are 3 EXTRA keys at the bottom of the keyboard made especially for a Liszt piece that requires the extra notes. (They are the only piano manufacturer that provides these keys) These extra notes are all in black as to not confuse the pianist into wondering where they actually are on the keyboard. Bosedorfer pianos are also so durable that this is apparently the only piano Franz Liszt never broke a string on. (Strings on earlier pianos were much easier to break, although Liszt was a master at playing loudly)

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