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Friday, May 05, 2006

Tips on How to Prepare for Piano Recitals.

Ah, spring time, the time of year when piano teachers and students prepare for the annual piano recital. For the piano teacher, several factors come into a good preparation.

1. Reserve your recital hall in advance. I would suggest as early as possible even a week or two after the previous years recital. By reserving early you can be assured the date is saved by your students and the venue.

2. Send out a newsletter at the beginning of the year noting all of the year’s piano events and the recital.

3. Send out a reminder a few months in advance just to make sure there are no conflicts.

4. Get parents involved. Ask them to help out with the event in any way they can, bring a refreshment, help set up the room or even bring some flowers. When parents or families get involved in the process, it produces wonderful results.

5. Be available before and during the recital for all of the students and any last minute questions.

6. Prepare by updating the recital program as changes are made. Throughout the year I keep a palm pilot with me at all times and jot down the changes to download on my computer. I try to make sure everything is finalized on the program one month before the date. This gives me time to print the programs and make sure the students are completely comfortable with their piece. A good experience for the student is paramount.

7. Make everyone feel comfortable from the start of the performances. Remind the students that everyone here is family, friends and all support them in their musical endeavors. Creating a relaxed atmosphere will energize students and promote good performances.

8. Make the recital fun by presenting certificates and prizes for the "Student of the Week" winners. The students look forward to this all year long. After the last student performs I present awards and everyone can relax and socialize.

9. Thank the students and their families for their participation.

10. Recognize your accomplishments. Take pride and give yourself some credit for a job well done.


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